Dye dye dye…

My yarn is even more beautiful in daylight.

For those of you who read my sister’s blog, you will have seen her post regarding the dyEing of some lovely white yarn I got at Rhinebeck. She is very interested in dyEing and I was more than happy to have her experiment on some of my haul. My dyEing prowess doesn’t extend beyond my hair and some Koolaid for fiber, so I happily glommed onto her knowledge and equipment. Claudia has links to the photos I took of her doing all the work, but if anyone is interested I can set up an album here for paging through. I picked the color from her swatches and she reproduced it exactly, what a gal! Hopefully the photo above taken in natural light conveys the rich plummy purple with gold undertones. YUM!

Now about those KITTY HATS! Lara of Vibe Knits has just finished her version of the cashmerino kitty hat and check out how fabulous she looks. Don’t miss the photo of Lara’s kitty giving her the stink eye. That picture certainly says it all. Lara rocks! Any other kitty hats out there?

Are there any plump kitties out there? Click here to read about the "Catkins" diet direct from the UK. Uh right…

And finally for those wondering why I’m still laid off one year later, you can click here and rejoice that I sold all my D*lta stock last week. Heh.