Done with Acid

Yes, the colors are this bright in person.

Can you see how obsessed with stripe matching I became?

The Acid 80’s Retro Cardie is done! Was it done in time for Rhinebeck so I could stand shoulder to shoulder with Stephanie and Claudia? Uh, no…I ripped out a few things, tweaked sleeve length and obsessed during the stripe matching sew up process. I did wear the collarless buttonbandless cardie to dinner with the knit bloggers, so I did in fact "wear" it to Rhinebeck. Partial credit, no?

Project Specs:

Yarn: Bought at Maryland S&W 2004 from a hand spinning guild, though this looks machine spun to me.
Pattern: Direct from the brain of moi, drawing on many, many inspirations
Fun Tech Stuff: I used the tubular cast on and off for double rib on all sections. The yarn was springy and makes a nice rolled, clean edge. After trying several buttonholes in Montse Stanley’s Knitter’s Handbook, I used the ingenious "One row" buttonhole. Now I remember why I like zippers so much–no buttonholes!

What’s next? Well I already started this bolero from the latest Rebecca, using the blue/periwinkle stash yarn in the garage.


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  1. Great sweater and impressed it is handspun yarn! When I saw it in person, it looked wonderful. Enjoyed you and Claudia. And I thought about you when I heard the Delta news. Whoohoo, now get back to slinging coffee….: )

  2. The Bolero is great. Looks like it could go with a variety of clothes.
    RE: the strawberry corn: My grandfather was a farmer in Indiana and his buddy grew lots of the small heirloom varieties of corn. We used the strawberry and black corn for decoration AND it made good popcorn, albeit small!

  3. I love the stripey effect! Being pretty new still to obsessive knitting (I’ve knit for four years, but only REALLY since January), I’m always *amazed* when you guys just make shit up and it comes out looking so fabulous! NICE!

  4. Love those stripes, Sil. I can’t believe that yarn is handspun. Look machine spun (and knit!) to me. Now you’re all buttoned down (or up?) and ready to roll. Pretty!

  5. A girl after my own obsessions! Those stripes are perfect and worth every bit of angst they may have caused you. At least I think so. Others may not, they may think we need a Zoloft or two. They’re just jealous!

  6. The sweater is incredible. I really like that color combo. Hmmm, what size do you wear? Are you heading to FL anytime, soon? Bring it when you come.
    I do have a Q, though: would you mind explanining how you got the sleeve striping to match the body? I realize that it’s “just” math, but am having trouble getting my brain to grasp the logistics. Thanks.

  7. Oh, Silvia! That sweater is just lovely. As everyone else has said, whatever fussing those stripes took definitely had a great pay-off – the sweater looks so professional!

  8. oh it came out SOOOOOOOOOOOO perfect. definitely worth all the trouble. i understand the zipper / no buttonholes love, but at the same time, the buttons look so great here…. 😉 you’re a superstar.

  9. So wack me with a hammer, I really like the eyeball assault of color – kind of like Lily Pullitzer on acid – if that is possible. Most especially, it is the fit and the stripe progression that lifts the garment off into the exceptional category. The Tubular Cast-on et. al. is the icing.

  10. Love, love, LOVE. (louder!) (very unoriginal. I’m sorry. I got here late. But what else is there to say?) I will say that I was so relieved when you said you had worn it out to dinner with us, because I was worried that I had had some sort of psychic (or psychotic?) episode, coz I could have sworn that I’d seen it before. Absolutely amazing, just like you.

  11. Hey! Finally finished eh? I can see why it took longer than my crappy aran. It’s a work of art. A simple work of art. Don’t let anyone tell you that complete and total obessiveness and fixation on stripe matching doesn’t pay off. Stripe matching is important. (I’m actually completely serious about that.) Nicely done.

  12. Oh, Perfection is Thy Name, thy name is Sylvia!
    I bow in awe to your Stripe Perfection – it speaks to the geek in me; the balance, the progression, the juxtaposition of color!
    Best of Planet!

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