The Dawn of the Clapper

Look at those dropped stitches.

For those who saw me shopping at Rhinebeck, you’d have noticed two major shopping directives. One, while I find mohair lovely from afar, I will not wear a mohair garment. There was mohair in just about everything (ask Carolyn)–I know it dyes up beautifully and looks so soft and fuzzy, but experience has shown me that dropping a bundle on mohair or mohair heavy blends means Goodwill will be getting a mohairy donation soon. Two, I’d become driven to distraction by making Clapotis in the latest Knitty. I can’t quite get my tongue around Clapotis so from here forward it will be referred to as the Clapper. I bought two possible Clapper yarns. One is a gorgeous silk/merino handpaint in periwinkle and the other is soft alpaca in musk.

Now, you guessed it, I’ve begun a Clapper in Morehouse Laceweight on size 5 needles. I bought a pretty kit to make a lacy scarf for a friend, and on the plane home I tried out the kit patterns, rejected them all and pulled out the now empty needle from Acid Cardie and started on the Clapper. I love it, I’ll still gift it but MUCH more reluctantly. I think this laceweight version will be more scarfy (read narrower) which is good as I’m replacing a well worn scarf. For those considering the Clapper, do it. It’s a fun pattern because you knit on the diagonal and every so often you get to drop a stitch on purpose! Fun.

On the sweater front, I’m working on #24 Bolero from the latest Rebecca and I’m using the heathery indigo wool instead of the GGH Amelie which would have cost over $90. I couldn’t justify spending that for the yarn so I subbed what I’ve got on hand and just converted the pattern to my gauge and will make the sleeves long instead of 3/4. I like the way it’s turning out, the body piece and one sleeve is done. You also knit pieces to be sewn around the body piece and sleeves. I think it should turn out nicely, kind of like a simple little denim jacket. All systems are go!


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  1. I now have “Clap On, Clap Off, the Clapper” going through my head (remember that old “as seen on TV” commercial?).
    The meadow looks lovely knitted up — I got some from MS&W and turned it into a simple garter stitch triangular scarf. Warning–It will grow like crazy when you block it, but it gets very nice and soft. It should make for a very nice lacy breezy Clapotis -er- Clapper.

  2. i was hoping for a new post.
    so will you clapper three times?
    or maybe just two?
    will you clapper for yourself also?
    in the blue?
    the purple-y bolero
    is perfect for you
    i’m rhymin simon and now i’m going to the gym.
    where recently i haven’t been….
    wish me luck!

  3. I thought I was the only one troubled by the mohairiness of yarn in NY. I like mohair fine, but so many of the most exquisitely dyed and spun yarns were just too brassy – just looking at them made me hot and itchy.
    Which vendor provided that periwinkle silk/merino? Gorgeous.

  4. Your clapper looks awesome! I’ve got that one on my future knits list…
    On the mohair front, you should check out Rowan Kid Classic – it’s mostly lambswool with a little bit of mohair and nylon. It’s yummy and soft, not itchy and hot.

  5. As always, you picked a wonderful colorway for your [singing] “Clap on, Clap Off” scarf. Every time I see a lemon, lime, orange or similarly citrus-y yarn I think of ze redhead in la Californie!
    P.S. Now I’ll have “Clap on, Clap off” running through my head all day.

  6. Must knit Clapper! I’d been looking for the Lorna’s Laces online, but couldn’t justify $90 for a scarf. I’d been thinking about trying Morehouse, so thanks for the info. It looks gorgeous!

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