Clap On!

It’s the "Summer of Love" Clapper.

The blue, blue sea of sleeve island.

The clapper came with me to LA and progress was made between purloined Snickers bars. The Morehouse merino lace weight is making a lovely, flowing scarf and I must reiterate my praise for the Clapper pattern. Fun, easy and on-the-road doable. Keep this one in mind folks. I’m looking forward to using my natural browny alpaca to make one for ME! I’ve been wrapping the alpaca skein around me to see if I like it. I do.

My other project is the Rebecca bolero from the current issue. I’ve finished the tiny body piece and the lengthened sleeves and one sleeve band. Next up is the loooonnng band that goes around the body piece. Easy, but dull. This bolero should be done soon just in time for that freezing California winter. Yup, get the longer shorts out.

For those knitters who enjoy a bargain, check out the link Carolyn brought to my attention. Elann has this yummy yarn in a huge array of colors just itching to come to your house…please, sir, more yarn.


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  1. Your “Clapper” is beautiful! I agree with you about the pattern – it is wonderful! I can’t wait to finish the one I’m working on so I can start my own as well. 🙂

  2. No real need to actually knit the alpaca. Just wrap and go!
    The really interesting part of the Clapper done in variegated is that the dropped stitches ladder in the opposite direction from the color change. This is the first time I’ve noticed and its very cool.

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