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Are you like me, and wonder what the heck “clapotis” means? I googled and found this definition on a website:

Clapotis is a nautical/kayak term for a condition at sea. The condition happens when the flow of waves comes in contact with reflected waves. The resulting feeling is a lifting followed by falling.

Does this sound right? Is this like when it feels like the airplane is falling during turbulence (must relate it to something I have experience with, ya know)? Now if you’re like me and the only way you’d get into a kayak would be at gunpoint, check out the “clapper” here just in time for Christmas…


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  1. so I guess that means the white water and sea kayaking combo that your sister had orginally planned to give your a Christmas present is out… You will probably get much more use out of the clapper. And thanks for the idea of what ot give my brother for Christmas. Some people are just so hard to buy for….

  2. oops, I can’t even get my own punchline right — of course it’s “walk like an Egyptian.” See why I ruin jokes at parties? The only thing I’m good for is using lots of cuss words.

  3. hey Silvia 🙂
    From Kate Gilbert’s website, Needles on Fire, Clapotis is a french word:
    clapotis (clap-o-tee) – noun – little splash.

  4. I looked it up in a French/English dictionary a few weeks ago, the closest I could get was something like “to lap.” I thought it meant it made people drool. I knew I was extrapolating, and apparently incorrectly!

  5. Um, if memory serves (which it often doesn’t…) I thought it was ze lapping at ze shoreline action….regardless, the clapper was a HOOT!
    Thanks for the giggle.

  6. I am happy to know this. Loved the pattern, still hate the name, but feel better about it. The name just sounds too much like a STD.

  7. That’s so funny! I came across your blog by blog hopping and little did I know I would find an English definition for Clapotis! Sounds nasty if you pronounce it the English way… like a disease or something, but pronounced the French way (with the stress on TEE) it sounds cute and happy… or at least to me.

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