Bo – Lero Flex

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I’ve been working steadily on the Bolero from Rebecca #28, and yesterday while steaming the pieces flat for assembly, I noticed that the skeins are producing different colored fabric. Yikes! The sleeves are “purpler” than the “bluer” body. Is it a huge deal, no. Is it noticeable, yes. Hmm. I’ve pretty much decided to carry on with the sewing up. If it really bothers me I’ll toss the thing in a dyepot and see what damage I can do.

This little bolero is still waiting for its ribbed band that encircles the body. I’ve done the bands for the sleeves and they add about 2.5 inches all around the body. Without this additional inchage, I’d be yanking on the body to cover the front porch. Not really the best look for me.


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  1. i only see a slight difference on my screen and i don’t think i would have noticed it on my own. that is going to be a stylish bolero. can’t wait to see it.

  2. I made the larger size bolero, and still it is a bit shy around the old chest area. It’s a great bolero, but the fit seemed mighty small to me!!

  3. Had that happen to me with a sweater for my dad. Fortunately, it’s just a sweater for him to wear out running or in his workshop.
    If you were to give this sweater a dye bath, what color will it become?

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