Bo-ling for Color

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Picture #1

On the bolero front, I’ve been lazily knitting up the loooonnngg ribbed borders that circle the bolero. Need I say how boring this is. To spice up the knitting, I noticed as I broke out the last skein of this otherwise soft, yummy wool, that it is yet a third different hue from the other two skeins. I guess I should have seen that one coming, but in my glass is half full yarn world, I was surprised. I know it’s hard to see the difference online, but trust me, it’s very different.  I think of it as my own personal triumverate of evil. This last skein for the border is the darkest yet–they’re all really pretty but looked the same when I bought them from the vendor, and they’re very different knitted up. We live and learn. I’ll (read Claudia–please–I got you a great birthday present…heh) overdye this bolero when it’s done, so all will be fine. 

Because the ribbed banding on the bolero is so boring, my mind wandered to the ruby red Highland wool from Elann. Hey, it was just laying there waiting to be garaged, looking at me imploringly. I cast my pea brain back to this little number that I’ve been coveting from the Jaeger (JB20) booklet by Martin Storey. The yarn that this pattern calls for is heavier than the Highland, but hell, I’ve got a calculator and a fine degree from an accredited university, I will master this! Those astute readers will have noticed, as I did rather too late, that I’m escaping bolero ribbing boredom by swatching for a ribbed sweater. Perhaps the aforementioned university will be asking for it’s degree back. Fear not dear readers, they have to catch me first. If they do, they can see that my calculations are correct, my gauge is spot on for the schematic measurements, and is DARN cute.

Because all knit and no sew makes Sil a dull girl, I WILL start a little tweed jacket with velvet ribbon detail, in order to have it done for Thanksgiving wear. This jacket is Vogue #7900 (strangely from the Vogue "Woman" collection which is, how shall we say it, is the more matronly collection). What the fuck, I like it though. I’ll be using this pink wool tweed remnant that I’ve had since fashion design school. I think I’ll be able to eke out the pattern with some judicious layout. I hope you can see in the photo that the pink tweed has nubs of wine red and green! No wonder I’d held on to it for five years.


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