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Did you gasp! I sure did when I tried this dog on last night. I just don’t like the fit of the bolero, it’s not long enough and check out the back where the band is! I didn’t know I was making a ruffle! Now I knew from my sewing experience, the band should be very slightly smaller than the body. You then stretch the band to fit the body and said band will cup flatteringly into your body. This is what I did, but there is no cupping. It’s more like kicking. I’ve not blocked this mess yet, so that would theoretically help it’s unsightliness, but my hate is so intense I shan’t bother. It’s going to be frogged, so blocking would only get in the way of the rip party.

So what’s the plan? Rip it post haste, skein it up and send it to Claudia for a dye job. I won’t even entertain the notion of using this otherwise lovely yarn until it’s all the same color. Only then will I search out/make up a bolero pattern that is not hideous.


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  1. Yikes! Debbie Bliss has some cute bolero patterns for kids that be alterable for adult wear.
    I feel your pain. I have three skeins of Plymouth Yukon that have been two different hats and a scarf and none of them took.

  2. ooooooh. (eee). Well, isn’t it all about the PROCESS and not the product? šŸ˜‰
    If it makes it any better, I like the way the band adds a bit of interest with it’s darker color! Uh, yeah, but that ‘ruffle’ is um… well… šŸ™‚

  3. bummer about the pattern but once claudia works her dye job magic and you come up with a pattern that will be way more stylish than the photo ever was you’ll forget all about this one.

  4. hells bells. There is a bolero pattern in Rowen 35. But I have not much good to say about Rowan 35, as that’s the one that has Audrey in it, and if you want to talk about creative photography…..well, anyhoo, who knows what the back of THAT bolero might look like. Not to mention that half the instructions are probably missing. But I suppose it’s worth a try for someone who’s not a Rowan-cynic like me. šŸ˜‰

  5. No way around it — that stinks! Especially since it looks as though you did a lovely job seaming it up and everything. It IS very cute from the front, if it’s any consolation. But it sounds like the yarn is meant for something else — different color, different pattern. My condolences!

  6. When I first saw the second picture I thought, “Oh, how cute. It’s got a ruffled cast-on!” How lame am I?
    I bet decreasing (or increasing, depending on how it was knit) would have fixed that puppy…
    BUT! I wanna see Claudia dye it.

  7. Yeah… I know what you mean. Ya can’t win ’em all! The yarn is nice, though, have you thought about switching skeins every other row? That would mix it up and make the color come out more evenly.

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