Out with the bad…

The bad bolero is no more.  The multi tonal, unintentionally ruffled bolero is now ripped, skeined and shoved into the box containing Claudia’s birthday present.  Yes, the first step to recovery has commenced.  It was much more fun ripping than knitting that freaking bolero…that’s not a good sign.

As for the good, remember the Knitting Basket Project from last Christmas?  I see Yentala has the paypal account link on her blog for this year’s donation basket.  Just click on the "make a donation" button to make a contribution.

On the knitting front, The Clapper is looking fine.  For those of you interested in knitting this pattern with lace weight yarn as I am, I followed the pattern and am using size 5 needles (that’s a 7 for normal folks) and getting a scarf about 17 inches wide unstretched.  The Jaeger JB20 Cable Gal sweater is underway, though I noticed that the front cables on both sides of center front go the same direction.  Shouldn’t they be mirror images to make it "read" symmetrically?  I think this would bug me if I didn’t change it.  Stop calling me anal!  Now!

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  1. You need to change the cables. Not because you are anal…but because I am. I swear that if the cables on a sweater cabled in the same direction on both fronts of a sweater it would bug me forever. Change it. Rise above. Be the best that you can be…oh wait. That’s the army…
    Change the cables. I beg of you.

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