Xray Vision

First off, for the last week the photos on my blog were floating around the top left corner of the page, rather than their rightful homes in the posts.  Now bearing in mind this only occurs when viewing my blog with Internet Explorer, not Netscape, wouldn’t you think SOMEONE, ANYONE would have asked me what the f*ck was up with my HTML proficiency?  Oh no, you’re either all too polite (and I’ve met a lot of you–so that’s not it) or all use Netscape.  Not a peep…Typepad is looking into my problem so don’t worry too much.

Second, did you see this nutty article?  Apparently the Memphis teachers could take paddles to the kids until a few days ago.  Uh, WHAT!  How can folks who barbecue like angels think smacking their young uns would make ’em smarter?  More pulled pork please…

Secretsock_1 Okay, now for actual knitting content.  I’m knitting socks for a secret gift thing and in case the recipient is looking I can’t show you how cute these puppies really are.  What I can do is monkey with my rudimentary photo software and make this xray sock photo.  Cracks me up every time.

I’ve also taken quite a shine to this little number from the geniuses at Phildar.  It’s from the Tendances Hiver 2004/2005 catalog and is currently a free pattern on their website, called Le Pull col montant.  Now I don’t speak French, but it appears to mean High necked sweater. The only bad part, in my eyes, is that it is made from chenille–the most evil yarn known to man. Has anyone used the Phildar chenille? Is it nice or an unholy, godless hell fiber? As the most sensitive of you may have picked up on, I don’t like working with chenille. But for a cute, sexy sweater, maybe it’s not so bad.


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  1. Such a fun Phildar pattern. As for the article about paddling kids in school… I know places that you can STILL be punished like that. I went to the same high school that my dad and his sisters went to, and where his father taught for many years. To this day, paddling is still an acceptable punishment option. It does tend to boggle the mind.

  2. Hey, a big box showed up today. Can I open it without destroying b-day surprises???
    I like the purple sweater, but am totally on your side re: the chenille. And your pictures aren’t floating today.

  3. They’ve never floated for me ! I use Safari,so that alters things somewhat.Usually your pics disappear under your right pink border if they’re a bit big.A lot of people’s look wonky to me,but I can block pop ups so I stick with Safari [there are other bonuse re: the way memory is used,etc. I love my iMac ! ].

  4. that sweater is SEXXXY! I wonder exactly what is up with that sweater that makes it so peek-a-boo?!
    I noticed the floating images, but I thought maybe it was just a freakish glitch that would just set itself right eventually… :-\

  5. Ok, they did float for me and I TRIED to tell you but I couldnt open up the comment box. It was all v. wonky…but, I thought, smart girrrllll that you are, you KNEW that something was up!
    BTW….I don’t hate it, I just think that the ruffle on the band Did You In.
    Happy T-Day!

  6. Yes, I saw the weird photos floating around, but I really WAS too polite to say. I figured it was something you knew of and would take care of. No biggie. Anyhoo, I just wonder: Are you planning on wearing a bra with that sweater, or not? Just curious, that’s all. I know it’s Cally-forn-ee-a and all……

  7. I’m not a big fan of chenille, but I liked this one! It’s very soft and doesn’t look all wormy. Let me know if you want some.
    (I saw the pictures floating around, but I thought it was a temporary Typepad thingiemabob. Otherwise I would have shot an email off to you.)

  8. um yeah i saw them. but then i didn’t see them at home. and then i saw them here. and i was like whatever i’m tired i must be imagining it. and now i am kinda giggling that i forgot to ever mention it. 🙂

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