T minus 2

Clb3Do you know, my phone was ringing within HALF AN HOUR of posting yesterday!  Yup, there was the birthday girl wailing "What the F*CK is the matter with you…"  Heh!  Claudia is actually not "that" put out by the public outing of the family photo album, and she knows that I have the mother lode of embarrassing photos at my fingertips, so let me state explicitly, there will be no nudie baby shots.  She’s also plotting my payback when I turn 40 (many years from now).

Today’s shot goes further back in time to June 1966.  This is toddler Claudia!  Isn’t she precious?  She’s wearing a hand knit sweater and letting us know the answer to the burning question "Who’s the cutest 40 year old?"



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