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Yarnjugs Because of the nature of "secret" sock exchanges, I’ve decided to hold off on showing the completed sock in order to preserve the "secret" component.

I’m still working away on the Clapotis that will be a gift, but am almost done with the straight section (bulk) of the scarf and have started thinking about which yarn to make one in for myself.  The left skein is yummy natural colored alpaca and the one on the right is 50/50 blended silk and merino.  Both are fantastically soft and luxurious so one can’t decide strictly on a tactile basis.  Maybe we should vote?  My poll doesn’t work and I don’t want to talk to the Typepad help desk AGAIN, so let’s vote the old fashioned way and write it in. It works now…

Vote Here!!!!


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  1. Just letting you know that the Poll is kaput!
    (My vote is with the periwinkle…It’s just so pretty! A periwinkle Clapotis is just the prettiest idea!)

  2. Having just finished up a wool/silk blend Clapotis, I can’t not vote for the periwinkle. The silk will give it that little bit of shine that will make it perfect for winter!

  3. Ok, I voted away from the crowd, only because I’m so partial to naturals. Am I being too oblique here? Hee. But you must share with me your new-found knowledge of how to put a poll in.

  4. I vote for the periwinkle. But isn’t there anyone else who is amused by the positioning of the yarn choices? Or am I an outlier??

  5. Periwinkle, definitely. The fabric will have luster and drape, enhancing the pattern. I suspect the alpaca would swallow the pattern and droop in comparison, muting the zing of Clapotis. I’d be more inclined to make something cushy and self-supporting like Aibhlinn with the alpaca.

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