A picture’s worth…

414040903But no pictures here.  I just couldn’t subject you nice folks to yet another boring picture of incremental progress on my Clapper.  Yes, I am now at the decreasing section of the scarf and may indeed be done in time for the recipient for Christmas–so bonus score for me.  It’s just soooo boring to show you that crazy new few inches.  I’m not even interested and I’m knitting the damn thing.  Worry not, you’ll get the glamor shot when it’s done.  Promise.

I did finish the swapped secret socks for Cari, though didn’t take a picture. DUH!  No time, deadline approaching.  I used the Spirit Trail Fiber sock yarn and really enjoyed working with it.  It’s lovely stuff, and even a loose knitter like me, who already knits socks on 0s, could make a nice firm fabric for socks.  I’ll have to keep checking their website for new stock, it seems they’re out of a lot of stuff. Clearly I’m not in the minority in thinking their yarn is yummy.