The Captain and Chenille…

Chenille_1Guess whose fabulous sister got her the yarn to make this sweater!  Don’t you love Christmas presents?

The sweater I’ve started (like I could wait) is from the Phildar Tendences Winter 2004 catalog, and is also available right now from the Phildar website as a free pattern.  The catch is that it’s in French only, so pull out those French-English dictionaries.  The yarn used is Phildar Phil Chenille No. 5 (that little joke of theirs cracks me up everytime) and Phildar Sunset.  I’m normally anti-chenille, but this stuff is nice and soft and hasn’t wormed at all.  You alternate the chenille rows with the glitzy Sunset yarn for a bit of dazzle and sheerness.  Soft and sexy…Yum…pass the Christmas cookies.