Ruh Row!

RuhrowTo quote Scooby Doo…ruh row…Yes indeed, it looks like my row gauge is just off enough to require an additional ball of Phildar Chenille No. 5.  I’ve got enough yarn to finish the second sleeve, but sadly don’t think it’ll stretch to 7 cm of neck ribbing.  On the tragedy scale of 1 to 10, it’s not even a 1.  More yarn is just an email away.

I can now start monkeying around with the ruby red Highland Wool that I’ve been eying for Brier in the latest Rowan magazine.  Must swatch…


See the Pink…

Backandfront See the progress from two days of sitting on my tucchas!  Yup, the front and back of Chenille no. 5 have been completed and the sleeve has been started.  See how shapely this sweater is?  Is it me, or do you knit everything too big to be sure it "fits".  Of course, then it doesn’t fit so well, so I’m making what purports to be correct size and hoping for the best.  You wanna see the shiny Sunset rows up close?  Aw you know I couldn’t resist…

Sick in the head

Pinky1_1Here I am sick in bed with a stupid cold thing, able to knit in only small increments between napping.  Yuck, plus I’m off work for the next three days and hoped to do something more fun than cold sweats and shivering.  So even though we’re three thousand miles apart, Norma, I feel your pain sistah.

I have managed to finish the back of my pink chenille sweater.  Now for the question, how does one work in the ends of chenille yarn so they don’t work themselves out?  Your wisdom would be appreciated, since this stuff is slippery.

I also bought Knitting on the Edge the other day.  I checked it out in the bookstore the other day and thought it had some really interesting ideas and deserved a place in the knitting library.  Who knew there were so many ways to make tassels?

Getting By…

Ribbon With the help of a bunny friend.  As I’ve not got a whole bunch of stunning knitting progress to report, I show off the yummy iridescent ribbon yarn gifted to me.  This is Plassard Radieuse in all it’s fresh springy goodness.  I’m thinking skinny, floaty scarf thing.  It’s just begging for it, isn’t it?

On the fingerless glove front, I’ve ripped ’em out.  I neared completion of number two glove, and decided that I’d made them way toooo looooong and the thumb was kind of funky.  Don’t fear, the Rowan Felted Tweed will be re-knit into the perfect finger-free gloves.

Chenille Fun

Brier_and_fawne1 Has anyone made Brier from the latest Rowan #36?  I love the shape and line of this sweater but was a bit puzzled by the construction instructions.  One can’t tell from the photo at right, but when sewing the pieces up (and the back piece is knit in 2 pieces to make a CB seam) you make seams on the outside.  You end up with the "traditional" wrong side on the outside.  Interesting concept, but do I have it correct?  I was thinking about using the ruby red Peruvian Collection Highland Wool to make this little number.  The gauge seems spot on, though it doesn’t have the tweedy goodness of the Rowan yarn.  Any input from anyone whose made Brier would be appreciated.

Pinky_1 Just to show you that I’m still working on the Phildar Chenille and Sunset sexy pullover, here’s the minimal progress on the back piece.  It’s a pretty easy pattern and knits up quickly, but it’s just a matter of finding the time to knit…where’s my lottery ticket…

Just Call Me Michael…

Leftglove_2That’s right.  One glove of the fingerless variety is completed.  I’m using the Rowan Felted Tweed that I got from Jenn and the pattern is kind of inspired by this Crystal Palace free pattern.  I tweaked it significantly and added this Raveled Braid cable (p. 176) from my new Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns (thanks Claudia).  Basically, I just measured my arm, figured my gauge and started knitting the tube, decreasing and increasing as the hand demanded.  I need to hurry up and make the mate since I didn’t write down any of those pesky details.  Am I the only one who has the silly idea that I’ll remember all those fiddly calculations without the help of paper and pencil?

Also, the other day I headed into SF to get a haircut and decided to swing by Imagiknit that Joanna has mentioned with fondness in past blog entries.  I know, I’ve got no business in a yarn store…but since I was in the neighborhood it wouldn’t do any harm to look.  Joanna is right, a nice store with a great selection.  I also noticed it’s open SEVEN days a week…hmmm…But let’s cut to the chase shall we.  Let’s see the goodies.  I was VERY restrained and bought ONE ball of sock yarn and the latest Rowan mag.  I know, it’s like I’m a saint.  I did scope out the available colors of Rowan Felted Tweed "just to see".  Saint I tell you.

Gimme gimme…

Felttw_1As my sister noted in her post today, that when she posts pix of her cats there’s not much knitting going on.  Well folks…I’ve got no cats…so I’ll post some shots of yummy yarn gifts.

The first picture is of Rowan Felted Tweed from Nipper Jenn, won by moi for psychically guessing her new hair color (red).  Don’t worry, I only use my powers for good and yarn.  She graciously sent me this fab yarn and I’m thinking fingerless gloves would be a good match for it’s flecky loveliness.

Orange_2Next up is this incredibly soft and luscious Classic Elite Posh which is 30% cashmere/70% silk in my favorite color orange.  This was a super Christmas present from dear friends.  So far I’ve just lain on my bed and arranged the yarn around my head.  It’s so incredibly soft, I’ll need to think long and hard about its purpose.

Now that I’ve been blessed by all this great yarn, I’d better get knitting!