Just Call Me Michael…

Leftglove_2That’s right.  One glove of the fingerless variety is completed.  I’m using the Rowan Felted Tweed that I got from Jenn and the pattern is kind of inspired by this Crystal Palace free pattern.  I tweaked it significantly and added this Raveled Braid cable (p. 176) from my new Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns (thanks Claudia).  Basically, I just measured my arm, figured my gauge and started knitting the tube, decreasing and increasing as the hand demanded.  I need to hurry up and make the mate since I didn’t write down any of those pesky details.  Am I the only one who has the silly idea that I’ll remember all those fiddly calculations without the help of paper and pencil?

Also, the other day I headed into SF to get a haircut and decided to swing by Imagiknit that Joanna has mentioned with fondness in past blog entries.  I know, I’ve got no business in a yarn store…but since I was in the neighborhood it wouldn’t do any harm to look.  Joanna is right, a nice store with a great selection.  I also noticed it’s open SEVEN days a week…hmmm…But let’s cut to the chase shall we.  Let’s see the goodies.  I was VERY restrained and bought ONE ball of sock yarn and the latest Rowan mag.  I know, it’s like I’m a saint.  I did scope out the available colors of Rowan Felted Tweed "just to see".  Saint I tell you.


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  1. Ooh, I like! And no, you’re not the only one who thinks they’ll remember details without writing them down. I’m TRYING to train myself to STOP that. Errgh.

  2. I love just hanging out on the couch at Imagiknit. I’ve heard they have a SNB at the cafe across the street one evening a week, but it’s not up on the website.

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