Chenille Fun

Brier_and_fawne1 Has anyone made Brier from the latest Rowan #36?  I love the shape and line of this sweater but was a bit puzzled by the construction instructions.  One can’t tell from the photo at right, but when sewing the pieces up (and the back piece is knit in 2 pieces to make a CB seam) you make seams on the outside.  You end up with the "traditional" wrong side on the outside.  Interesting concept, but do I have it correct?  I was thinking about using the ruby red Peruvian Collection Highland Wool to make this little number.  The gauge seems spot on, though it doesn’t have the tweedy goodness of the Rowan yarn.  Any input from anyone whose made Brier would be appreciated.

Pinky_1 Just to show you that I’m still working on the Phildar Chenille and Sunset sexy pullover, here’s the minimal progress on the back piece.  It’s a pretty easy pattern and knits up quickly, but it’s just a matter of finding the time to knit…where’s my lottery ticket…


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  1. i don’t have the book here so i can’t look at the instructions. is it that they basically want you to wind up with a ridge on the outside of the back? as a design element? hmmm…
    the other looks very cool. smooshy.

  2. 0Just follow the destructions as written.It turns out really nicely.Sissel made it.If you were a Rowanette I’d send you in the direction of a picture !

  3. Gawd, that is PINK! Momentarily unable to focus on the ROwan pattern…but I think they are going for the tailored look by emphasizing the seaming. You can ALWAYS (cough,cough) modify the seaming to suit YOU.
    Back to that PINK, though…..oooooooooooooo.
    tres yummy!

  4. I haven’t actually made Brier but I have been planning to for ages, and I have studied the pattern and photo in obsessive detail. You’ll notice that the sleeves and back are done in more than one piece, so that when the pieces are sewn up, forming little ridges on the outside, you get a deconstructed-looking piece with construction lines reminiscent of those of a classically tailored blazer – 2-piece sleeves and a center back seam. Brilliant, yes? Obviously I must abandon all current projects and start knitting this thing right now.

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