See the Pink…

Backandfront See the progress from two days of sitting on my tucchas!  Yup, the front and back of Chenille no. 5 have been completed and the sleeve has been started.  See how shapely this sweater is?  Is it me, or do you knit everything too big to be sure it "fits".  Of course, then it doesn’t fit so well, so I’m making what purports to be correct size and hoping for the best.  You wanna see the shiny Sunset rows up close?  Aw you know I couldn’t resist…


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  1. ooooooh preeeeeeeetttty! Glad you’re getting a lot of knitting time in, but NOT GLAD you’re all sickly still 😦
    hrm, that give me an ideaaaa…

  2. Just catching up with your last few posts– I am actually almost done with Brier, from Rowan 36. I’m blocking the pieces right now, and hopefully will be finishing it on the weekend! I’ll take a photo of the blocked two-part sleeves for you so you get a better visual on them.
    Oh- also, I am turning those seams inward like a regular seam. I’m using Rowanspun and I think it would start to look raggedy pretty soon that way.
    It is a pretty nice knit, all things considered. We’ll see how it looks once it’s done!

  3. Sil – that is one gorgeous COLOR!
    I was just thinking about that sizing thing myself. I notice my commercial sweaters are a lot smaller in reality, then the sizes I’m always drawn to in the patterns I make.
    I always blow it in the shoulder area – too big!
    I finally have gotten sleeve length correct, though (how HARD is that…)

  4. After knitting my oversized way through the ’80s and most of the ’90s, I’m now super-psyched to make close-fitting things.
    I hope the chenille didn’t grow in the blocking….

  5. Glad you’re back in the pink, Sil, if only literally. Sorry to hear about the illness – lousy way to spend 3 days off of work.

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