Ruh Row!

RuhrowTo quote Scooby Doo…ruh row…Yes indeed, it looks like my row gauge is just off enough to require an additional ball of Phildar Chenille No. 5.  I’ve got enough yarn to finish the second sleeve, but sadly don’t think it’ll stretch to 7 cm of neck ribbing.  On the tragedy scale of 1 to 10, it’s not even a 1.  More yarn is just an email away.

I can now start monkeying around with the ruby red Highland Wool that I’ve been eying for Brier in the latest Rowan magazine.  Must swatch…


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  1. So quickly her attention wanders to the new, the unstarted…..
    I don’t think you have enough either, looking at the small second sleeve accomplishment and the one lonely ball of chenille.

  2. too funny i just read a scooby book with my nephew on saturday and greatly enjoyed all the ruh rowing i got to do!! 🙂 i think sleeves are likt he cookie monster, they just eat up all the yarn when no one’s looking!

  3. ruh row, my neck is stiff. ruh row, looks like it’ll rain again. ruh row, what is that girl wearing. The GirlReaction, she say silvia has reminded us of the greatest phrase ever and for that the girlreaction she is thankful.
    (yes the supereggplant and the girlreaction, they are obsessed with The Manolo.

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