Red Fun

RubybackEvery now and then I realize just how small the world can be.  After determining that I needed a miracle for the amount of Phil Chenille No. 5 that I’ve got left to be enough to finish my sweater, I emailed Nicole in Belgium.  Within hours, she’d found two more skeins in the same dyelot, totalled up the order (no–I didn’t order anything else–I was tempted though) and I Paypalled her in Euros to settle up.  That would have taken weeks in days gone by, but no, a few hours was plenty.  Very nice.  Sexy sweater is back on track.

Since I didn’t want to continue on the chenille sweater until I’d determined how much yarn I’d have to work with, I began Brier.  I’m using the Peruvian Collection Highland Wool in ruby red that Elann had on sale a bit ago.  It’s super nice to work with, especially after the chenille with no give.  I’ve been able to get stitch gauge, though not row gauge (freaking row gauge!) in the place of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed DK.  The substitution is no reflection on the Rowan yarn, it’s gorgeous.  I just happen to own a great quantity of Highland Wool.

Speaking of Rowan, Carolyn pointed out a great link to Rowan Magazine sweater models.  I see that the new Spring/Summer (#37) edition is out and I think it’s beautiful.  Great sweaters in cotton and blends, and considering it’s 72F here today, I should spend some time thinking about cotton.  Don’t worry that we’ll overheat here in Cali, I just washed the car so that should bring a nice wintery rain storm…you can thank me later…

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  1. I’ve done a little business with Nicole – she’s fabulous especially with that French yarn (Phildar, of course). Glad to hear she’s done good!
    As for washing the car then having it rain, been there done that! (sorry about the cliche).

  2. thanks for the great links! i may have to get to know your supplier (hee hee). ok, why does that sound drug related? maybe that is due to it being 1 am and watching too many cop dramas. maybe i should get some sleep. take care!

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