Girl on a Wire

Scribbleset_1 In the spirit of using up one’s stash before the ever closer Maryland weekend, I decided to break into the Knitting with Wire kit I snapped up at NY Sheep and Wool.  I’d picked up a beading magazine the other day to supplement my complete lack of knowledge.  Generally I find the projects in these magazines to be way too busy and over the top (read "ugly") for my simple, puritanical taste, but there was a cute idea in Bead Unique that I could use with the aforementioned kit.  Score!

For those of you in possession of the Bead Unique tome, volume #3, I adapted the "Fabulous and Funky" choker project to suit my taste and resources.  Even though my wire was slightly finer and I had way less beads with which to work, I was aiming to make an approximation of some wire jewelry I’d seen in Nordies weeks ago.

Strictly speaking, the Fabulous and Funky choker is CROCHETed, not knit.  This turned out to be just fine with me, as I suspect crocheting with wire may be easer than knitting.  You begin by stringing your beads on the wire in an attractive (read random) arrangement.  As per the instructions, you crochet three single strands of beady wire.  I shoved a bead into every second or third stitch.  After making three strands, you twist the ends of one side together and braid the three strands together loosely.  Note: To anchor the end of the my braid I shoved the ends between my monkey toes, perhaps not the recommended professional method. When you have the braid the way you like it, twist the other end wires together and attach the closure (I haven’t done that part yet).  Voila!  You can flatten and shape the wire to nestle into your neck.

Now I had some beads and wire left over and decided to crochet a bracelet to match.  I just crocheted a beaded strand, joined it up and crocheted a plain round then another beaded round.  At that point I was out of beads and wire, so I called it finished.


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  1. Oh how I love it! I’ve made similar napkin rings, but when thinking of using the technique for jewelry, I became confused about how to affix a closure and what to do with the (sharp) wire ends.

  2. Pretty! I knit a beaded necklace for my wedding and it was rather hard on my hands to knit with the wire, though I loved the results. Maybe I’ll try crochet next time.

  3. any project where you can get your monkey toes involved is definiitely a bonus. 🙂 those turned out v. pretty. how much rhinebeck/maryland stash do you have left over now?

  4. HELLO! That is SUCH a cool set. I would definitely pull out the crochet hooks to make something like that.
    P.S. If you want some French beads let me know. It’ll give me a chance to go to La Droguerie and you know I love having excuses to go into that store. Hee!

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