Closure1I finally made it to the craft store to buy the clasp to finish the closure on my crocheted necklace.  I couldn’t find the exact findings mentioned in the magazine instructions so I got those big silver beads.  I think they’re a tad big, but I’m too lazy to get smaller ones.  I just threaded a bead onto each end necklace, made a little loop and twisted the tail around the neck of the loop above the bead.  It’s kind of like sewing on a button and making sure you have some thread underneath to so the button can close.  I used my trusty needle nose pliers to squish the ends close to the neck.  I attached a clasp and that’s all there was to it.  Easy.


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  1. Good job! I’ve been wondering about the “knitting/crocheting with wire” concept and it looks beautiful. I like the big silver beads, they make a nice contrast with the rest of it all (of course I haven’t seen it in real life, but anyway). Beading is my “other” hobby, for the times I feel my inner hippiegirl crying out for a change from knitting.

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