Fessing UP!

After sorting through my sweater stash the other day, it became abundantly clear that it was time to join Alison‘s February Fix Febfix2 .  I don’t care the the month is more than half over, I’m fixin to get fixin…

RowangapFix #1:  This beauty does indeed FIT ME!  Why does the front look like this?  I used the recommended Rowan True 4-Ply Botany wool.  I followed the pattern faithfully, why do I look like Anna Nicole trying to squeeze into a size six!?!  This is luscious washable wool in a  pretty logwood purple shade that is begging to be something (anything) else.  I’m thinking a pullover this time.  This yarn creates a nice lightweight fabric that feels great next to the skin, pullover it is.

Orange_1Fix #2:  I love this pullover, yet never wear it.  I love the crocked parts of the variegated soft merino wool.  I love ORANGE!  Why don’t I wear this sweater?  Because it’s not a cardigan!  I know, make the pullover a cardigan and the cardigan a pullover.  What a contrary minx I am.  But a minx must do what a minx must do.  This sweater is a bit too heavy, baggy and the arms are crazy long, even on this monkey-armed redhead.   It was fun to make, it’s the saddle shouldered hybird knit in the round from E. Zimmermann’s Knitting Without Tears.  This was such a liberating, eye opening sweater to knit, but I NEVER wear it.  It needs to be a cardigan and more fitted.  I owe it to the orange yarn, no?


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  1. “why do I look like Anna Nicole trying to squeeze into a size six!?!” made me laugh OUT LOUD. The cardigan looks so sexy, though. I love your idea of turning it into a pullover. It’s going to be very cha-cha-cha! Go for it, Sil.

  2. Yay for recycling. I’ve got the join the crowd. I wish I hadn’t sent that one pullover I made that didn’t fit to the Salvation Army. But I have a store-bought one I’d like to remake.

  3. Love the first sweater… do you think you could add on a knitted border for the button holes so that you wouldn’t have to rip it out and start over? I love Rowan yarns… makes me want to go out and start a new project!

  4. Cardigan to Pullover and Pullover to Caridgan, makes perfect sense for February Fix! Too bad about the cardigan – sans the peek-a-boo holes in the front it fits you really well. As for the Pullover to Cardigan – have you see the Chicknits Ribby Cardi pattern? I think it would look neat in your orange yarn.

  5. Jeez, BOTANY! That must have taken for-f-ing-ever to make. But it must go. I will join you (eventually) of ripping out my version of the EZ sweater. Mine is also too big and floppy. I think alpaca (mine) needs seams for stability. And though the in-the-round cleverness of the EZ knit *was* entertaining, it doesn’t hang well.

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