Red Brier, red Brier…

Brier_backBrier_front_lapelLest you think that my knitting output has been dwindling, I present the latest scintillating pictures of Brier pieces and parts.  I’ve been working on this fine Rowan sweater while waiting for some more Phil Chenille No. 5 to wend it’s way from Europe to complete the sexy Phildar sweater.

The major issue with my Brier is whether to construct the CB seam and sleeve seams "inside out" to give it a pretty deconstructed look.  I didn’t use the gorgeous Rowan Yorkshire Tweed from the pattern.  I’m using the Peruvian Collection Highland wool from Elann.  This yarn is very nice, but not at all tweedy.  It’s more rich and sleek than that.  That brings me to the horns of my dilemma.  Do I use casual construction with a more formal yarn?  I’m leaning toward NO.  While that could be fun on some sweaters, I think on this one it would be kinda weird.  I’m leaning towards a "normal" sewing up process and calling it a day.


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  1. I think your instincts are right on. Although the hip deconstructed look would be fun, I think your yarn is begging for a classic finish. Thanks for the link to the Phildar yarn site – I have several pattern books, but was clueless about where to buy the yarn.

  2. Further proof that Silvia is just too damn clever. I never would have thought of it, but I agree: Those outside seams look so much better on more rustic, tweedy or even some nubby yarns. But for something that is the Highland Wool (a batch of which now lies seductively in my unruly stash) I agree that normal sewing is probably going to look best.

  3. No. I’m looking right at the Felted Tweed swatch and understand how a deconstructed seam could be cute in this. But the idea does not import well, I think, to other yarns.

  4. I think you should go with your hunch. Or, try a little bit of the decon. seam, then do the formal seam and see which you like better.
    But I think you’re on to something with that hunch.

  5. the deconstruction would be cute like one time that you wore it. and the other 90 times it would drive you nuts. sometimes there are rights/wrongs. inside out = wrong. 🙂

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