Oscar Fix It

AfterFirst, as I watched the Oscars on and off (too boring all the way through), it ocurred to me that while most folks looked very nice, Miss Beyonce appeared to be filmed in Skank-o-vision (confirmation found here at the 6:03pm, 7:06pm and 7:58pm entries). Whoever styled her needs to be taken to Walmart and forced to shop.  Okay that’s too harsh, taken out back and kicked in the goolies.  I mean if you can’t make a pretty 20 year-old girl look nice, it’s time to go.  Skank indeed…Even Prince (8:00pm) looked prettier than her!

Okay, on to the important stuff–yarny things.  On this last day of February I’ve fixed a little bit.  Remember this before shot?  Well here’s the best supporting during picture.  Now enjoy the best yarn "after" shot all balled up and ready to fix.  Yeah baby, that auburn Marzen is the way to go.

But what should that pile o’ yarn be.  I’m auditioning patterns and so far have found this picture from the latest Phildar Tendances magazine.  Now I don’t own this magazine, but don’t you think it would be pretty darn easy to adlib that body of work?


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  1. I love the neckline and placket action, but what’s with the baggy elbows? A clean, slender sleeve might be more flattering…

  2. Easy peasy! Easy to substitute yarn, too. The yarn required for that number if Phildar Licorne; Rowan’s Cotton Glace is virtually identical.
    I bet shortening the sleeves would eliminate some of that bagginess; it looks like she hitched up the sleeves so that the ribbing at the cuffs would remain at your wrists…

  3. LOL…I was wondering who laminated Beyonce’s eye shadow on, myself….ew…and she’s lucky she didn’t topple over from that necklace during the Phantom of the Opera song…maybe she had a counterweight in the back of her dress, hee hee…

  4. OOuufff – you are so rightON with the notification of Skank-O-Vision! What was going on with that make-up? During the French song, she almost won me over with the Ogre-ific shade of eyeshadow: chartruese on the chanteuse, so to speak but I was completely appalled and amazed at the Black Vinyl coating they put on her eyes during the ill-fated duet with Andrew L Weber…
    Phantom of the OScars indeeed!

  5. Laughing so hard at SKANK o vision, I completely spaced on commenting….sorry.
    What was I going to say?
    oh, can’t WAIT to see what you choose for the remake…
    as you are always ever so stylish!

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