Fix It Again Sil…

Aarghaka…Size Matters!  In the spirit of February Fixit, I pulled out this cardigan from last year (Phildar Falaise from ebay).  Why is it throwing up it’s perfectly knit arms and screaming "ARGH"!  Because after carefully measuring the center front and ordering a custom length 2 way zipper, I sewed it in badly and never wore it.  I’d intended to rip it out and fix it, but it never really happened.  Then February Fixit flew to my rescue.  I ripped out that zipper, machine SEWED the center front closed with the longest stitch and basted the front seam allowances down.  I THEN measured the center front and found my zipper had indeed been 1.5 inches too long for these conditions.  A shorter zipper has been ordered and chaos has been averted here at the homestead.


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