Not much…

Hydrangea01 I’ve not done any knitting the past several days so I’ve nothing about which to post.  I’ve somehow managed to make my wrists sore by a combination of work and knitting, so luckily I had a long weekend planned in Los Angeles.  I didn’t knit, and I didn’t take a single photo of the flowering trees and tulips to give you cold weather folks something to sink your teeth into.  Sorry…

What I did do was take lots of ibuprofen for the the wrists and go to Disneyland.  Disneyland is best enjoyed on a slow Monday without cute little godchildren bogging down the process (we told them we did taxes all day–shh).  I can state categorically that a day spent riding roller coasters is just fine for your ailing arms (or should that be flailing arms?) and that Disneyland has some very fun rides at the California Adventure Park.

Okay, back to some leisurely knitting so I’ve got something to show ya’ll.


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  1. I gotta agree: As much as I love going to Disneyland with the family kids, there’s nothing like making a Big People Disneyland run so you can go on all the really fun rides.
    Take care of those wrists!

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