RedsleeveAfter knitting away on my version of Brier, lo these many weeks, today I was driving home thinking I really didn’t like this sweater.  I mean it’s a nice sweater, but boring.  Am I alone in this delayed onset malaise?  I guess it’s just the marriage of my yarn with this pattern.  I mean I liked Rowan’s jazzier version of their sweater, or why would I have chosen to knit it in the first place?  I think I’ll let this sweater sit on the sidelines for a while and think about finishing it or ripping it.Pinksleeve

In the Brier stead, I picked up the sexy pink Phildar sweater that had stalled due to lack of yarn.  Well the backup skeins showed up and I’ve been working on the last sleeve.  See, no malaise here…I guess you can tell I’m feeling defensive about being wishy washy.  Maybe a sexy new sweater will banish the blahs.