Who you calling saucy?

S is for Saucy
I is for Intelligent
L is for Luscious
V is for Visionary
I is for Important
A is for Animated

2 responses

  1. LAURA
    L is for Lively
    A is for Arty
    U is for Unforgettable
    R is for Refined
    A is for Alluring
    is certainly nice enough, but
    Z is for Zappy
    O is for Outgoing
    E is for Ebullient
    What’s Zappy? Then, of course, the boy …
    M is for Musical
    A is for Astounding
    X is for X-Rated
    Yeah, no knitting today! I can finally comment.

  2. i’d have to think about “visionary” ( you do seem extraordinarily able to visualize what projets could be) but otherwise i think those are all quite apt.

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