Zipper Two Ways

I’m always amazed how much other knitters are able to accomplish.  Cormozips They seem to have busy, fulfilling lives and are able to complete projects while pursuing same.  I feel like I haven’t finished anything in eons!  Argh… I took a little break from the Phildar chenille sweater, that is dangerously close to being finished, because it was hard on my aching hands.  In it’s stead I began a sweater based on this Phildar sweater pictured in the Spring magazine.  I’m using cormo wool purchased at either MD or NY S&W (can’t recall) and making up the pattern.  I’m occasionally jotting down key numbers, but I’m just really looking at what I’d already knit and trying to reproduce it.  It’s not super exact, but heck, it’s a sweater not a moon rocket.  So far so good.  I’ve even already bought two possible zips from the nice folks at Zipper Stop.  As you can see, I Msngrpieceswent back to my pink and green roots.  I’m tending towards the pink one, the green is rather bright for the muted yarn colors.

I’ve also tried to start sewing up another messenger bag.  I got some upholstery remnant for almost no money and was dismayed to see that the rayon brocade was "dry clean only".  Uh, I don’t think so.  You’ve got to be able to wash a bag you drag around everywhere.  So I washed and dried the material and it was fine.  Yeesh.  The floral fabric in the picture is the lining.  I was all set to go with this project yesterday when the serger decided to be a butt and not work properly.  All is well with the little bugger today so this bag should be ready soon.