Feeling Falaise-y Redux

Falaise_reduxIs it still called an FO if you just rip out and replace a zipper on a sweater you knit ages ago?

This Phildar Falaise cardigan (in the excitingly photographed black colorway) had its blog debut last September, but I sewed the zipper in kind of wonky.  So I got right on that and a scant six months later I’ve competently sewn in a new shorter zipper.  I basted the center front closed, basted down the folded seams, basted in the zipper and directionally sewed in the new zipper.  All that work and the zipper is a bit short at the bottom.  It doesn’t really bother me though, it looks much better than before.  I’ll now get around to sewing in the black grosgrain ribbon over the zipper tape in the next six months soon.  I now love this sweater!