Bagged another FO!

MessengerI finished a messenger bag!  I’m really on a finishing roll now, must be the advent of spring giving me the push in the keester.

I used an upholstery fabric remnant and quilter’s cotton as the lining.  I interfaced the upholstery fabric with a fusible cheapo non-woven interfacing.  Between the nature of the upholstery fabric and the heavier interfacing, this bag is a bit stiffer than the first corduroy bag I made and carry around everyday.

There is no "pattern" for this bag, I initially came across a messenger bag tutorial on the wonderful Craftster site and just went with it.  This tutorial is very clear for those not confident with their sewing skills.  I believe the bag fabric remnant was just over 3/4 yard and 60" wide.  You could adjust the bag size to fit any fabric you may have available.  I keep the flap shut with a piece of hook and loop tape.  You could probably crank one of these out in a day if you were really diligent.  I am not, and took about three days of hit and run sewing.

This bag will be a gift for a co-worker, but I think I may make a spring-y one just for me to replace the sensible black cord one I’ve been toting around.  Spring means new shoes and handbags around here baby.