I’m not worthy…

Top_1My current knitting project is just not blog worthy at the moment.  If you really want to see a few more inches of stockinette back piece, email me and I’ll send you off a picture.  For the rest of you, I thought I’d show you what I’m attempting to sew up.  This is a knit top from the latest Burda magazine and it’s constructed from 2 way stretch knit.  For those of you who sew, Progressyou’ve all just groaned and clenched your butt cheeks.  Yup, I thought I’d try the knit thing once again after seeing all the great stretchy things Mariko‘s been doing.

So far I’ve traced off the pattern and determined I’ve got enough fabric.  The pattern "tip" in Burda says you can use fusible water soluble seam stuff to stabilize the seams.  I’ve never used this stuff and am not convinced it will more of a pain in the ass than not using it.  Any stabilizers out there?  Any tips?  Don’t worry too much, it’s $5 worth of material.

ALSO…I just found out that H&M is opening in SAN FRANCISCO this fall in Union Square!  It’s first west coast location and it’s right next to me.  I’m in heaven, but I’m still going to the H&M in Owings Mills, Maryland sometime during Sheep and Wool dammit.


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  1. Oh YES, please, will you send me a photo of your stockinette!!! (hell on wheels, that’s just me!)
    I bow to your sewing prowess. I’m very envious.

  2. very cute top. and h&m is one of fav. gotta go by there now. thanks, lol. that georgetown parking is maddening, but worth every honk of the horn.

  3. Hi! My friend, who is a costume designer and sewer, read your blog and wanted to give you some hints for sewing with stretchy fabric. But then she couldn’t remember where your blog was. Here’s a link to her dog’s blog… she, uh, dictated it to the dog for you… There is nothing wrong with that sentence, I’m telling you!

  4. O-o-o baby! Love the top! G-o-o-d luck with the 2-way stretch fabric. Never worked with it myself. Funny thing, though I’m pretty much between knitting projects (yeah, I know there are a few that need FINISHING!), I literally pulled out my sewing (gasp!) machine last night to sew up the hem on a pair of jeans. This sewing bug must be catchy!

  5. Use the water-souluble stabilizer. It will make a world of difference both in the ease of sewing and in the look of the finished garment. Also, be sure to use permanent clear stretchy tape (zigzag over it, sew a straight seam just below the zigzag) when sewing up your shoulder seams or they’ll never look straight when you wear it.

  6. Oh la laaaaaaaa…that is SOME top you’re sewing up. You’re gonna look fab in it! And I’m still not envious of you and your sewing talent, oh no I’m not. Dammit.

  7. Depending on where you are staying for the festival, there might be an H&M that is closer than the one in Owings Mills… there is a pretty big one in the Arundel Mills mall in Hanover, MD. Just thought I would throw that in 🙂
    It looks like there will be a little knitblogger meetup on Saturday around lunch time–so if you are interested in meeting some other bloggers in real life, check it out (more info on my blog)
    I really admire your sewing skills! My poor sewing machine sits in the box… I know nothing about sewing. I really need to take a class–that great sewing machine sitting there is such a waste!
    Have a good weekend.

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