Mmmm Fudge…

FudgeI do have more stockinette to show you from the back of my Cormo Garden sweater, but who gives a crap.  We’ve got fudge.  Not too surprisingly, I had a hot burning for fudge yesterday and decided to spend the five minutes whipping it up.  Five minutes you say?  Oh yes, my favorite fudge recipe is microwave fudge.  Okay, my ONLY fudge recipe is microwave fudge.  I use 1.5 cups butterscotch chips and 1.5 cups chocolate chips and you get fudge with a subtle hint of butterscotch.  When folks try it, they think it’s got some sort of exotic liqueur.  Nah.  Alcohol is for drinkin’.  Here’s the basic recipe for my fave fudge so enjoy!  Now I’ll get back to knittin’.


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  1. Hey, that looks pretty good. I’m of the Marshmallow Fluff easy fudge persuasion myself, but I might like to try this one, too. This will really help with the 10 pounds I’m struggling with. Thank you very MUCH.

  2. That’s my favorite fudge recipe, too! I always do it in the microwave. I’ll have to try it with butterscotch chips. I’ve had so many people rave over how wonderful it is and ask for the recipe. It’s almost embarrassing to tell them how easy it is!

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