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Peritop_1How do you like that Wonder Woman pose?  Taxes are paid and stretchy top is completed, the world is my oyster.  I finally put a day off to good use (rather than the usual dicking around) and finished the top you see before you.  It turns out sewing with really stretchy fabric is just fine when you follow the instructions.  I sewed the straight seams with a veddy skinny zigzag stitch and finished the seams with the serger.  I used the suggested settings in my serger user’s manual to get the serger tension and differential feed under control, and there were no wobbly seams.  Another fab-u-lous thang was the double needle in the sewing machine for all the top stitching.  The double needle produces a straight stitch on the outside of the garment and is zigzag underneath.  This gives you a nice stretchy seam that gives the top a finished look.

Top Specs:

Pattern: Burda, 4/2005; Pattern #112A

Fabric:  2-way stretch blend, 1 yard in periwinkle

Sewing machines:  Bernina 1080; Bernette 004 serger.


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  1. I SOO need to get a sewing machine (and a serger, apparently). That top ROCKS. I would totally wear that and it looks so PREFESSIONAL!

  2. Wow! Very impressed.
    How about a mini class at the MDSW hotel? : ) I have a looper thread that needs adjusted on my serger and am so afraid to fool with it…I need to learn to boss my machine around.

  3. you’re so pretty.
    i’m jealous.
    as always.
    p.s. is claudia trying to guilt you into sewing for her?
    hello there’s a lonely sewing machine in chicago too.
    and that’s got to be a shorter flight.

  4. Love the crossover detail in that oh-so-cute top. Glad to hear you’re master of your machines. I’m a little jealous of your Bernina – salesperson talked me out of a Bernina and ended up with a New Home, once upon a time. Tinkering with the idea of making same top…before fall arrives, of course.

  5. That top looks fantastic! I’d try my hand at one if I didn’t have so much dangly arm meat to deal with – no cute baby sleeves for this girl. But that is too flattering, love it!

  6. That is one hot and sexy top!!! And it’s sooooo flattering on you. No wonder sis is guilt-tripping you into sewing for her…heck, I’d do the same.

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