Pant-y twins

V7685 My latest project is again of the sewing type.  I’ve just cut out some pants exactly like the beige ones in the picture.  They’re a basic straight legged, below waist, tab front pant.  I couldn’t decide between that Vogue pattern or New Look 6218 which is almost exactly the same.  I know, cause I measured.  I’m using the New Look pattern, but there’s no picture of it on their website and my attempts at photographing the pattern envelope were so blurry they made me queasy.  I’m using black cotton stretch twill–I can hear y’all now.  Isn’t that her one millionth pair of black pants?  Yeeesss.  I get rid of clothes I don’t wear often or don’t like with great frequency.  I subscribe to the "don’t use it, get rid of it" school of thought.  This is why I’m making another pair of black pants.  I’ve really only got a few pairs of black pants and am still searching for the perfect casual pair.  Now I’ll be searching for the time to sew those babies up.


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  1. Gawd, I wish you lived close to me. I canNOT get pants to fit me right. Seems I’m weird-shaped. Get it to fit my waist, it’s dropping off my butt. Get it to fit my butt, I can’t close the waist. ‘twould be so nice to have a personal tailor. Not that you’d be WILLING to be my personal tailor, but I can dream, can’t I?

  2. I made that Vogue pattern a while ago in a khaki tweed. I remember there being something wrong with the pattern that I had to figure out, so it is probably a good thing that you picked the New Look one. They are very comfy pants, but the style makes them easy to dress up

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