Back Garden

BackgardenI rather cleverly overdid the stretching at the gym and for the past few days have been coddling a sore lower back.  I’m still trying to figure out how much ibuprofen one can take and not perish, but I’m still knitting, so far so good. 

I’ve been working on the cormo garden sweater as the photo yonder shows, the back has been completed, despite the mind-numbing stockinette boredom.  You may notice that the back neck seems very scooped out and the Extendedshoulder seams are five stitches wide.  I have a plan dear friends.

I’d wanted to carry the ribbing that I’ve got on each side of the center front up and around the back neck.   In order to do so, I extended the ribbed section from the fronts to measure the scooped out length of the back neck.  I knew how much to scoop out of the back neck by knowing the width of the ribbed band from the front.  Clear eh.

It’s really not too complicated.  When the time comes, I shall slightly stretch the ribbed band to fit the back neck and pin in place.  The slight stretching of the Backfacingback neck ribbing will cause the ribbing to lay better around the curve of my shapely shoulders and neck.  It’s akin to the sewing technique of making the facing of a garment 1/16" smaller so it lays better.  Of course all this is still theoretical, I’ve not pinned or basted this rascal together yet so I may still end up with a nouveau version of that 1980s funnel collar.  Pretty.


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  1. Well, first get better. There can be no gimping around in Maryland. Second, I would really like to see that finished sweater in person. I crack the whip!

  2. intriguing. this sounds like what happens in that apricot jacket thingie. you made that right? i was reading some blogger’s frustration with that pattern and it sounds like you are doing that same thing but on purpose. 🙂 you should have heard me and leigh on the phone yesterday giggling about maryland. we’re such yarn dorks.

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