Slow Sleeve

Sad_sleeveHere I was thinking I was powering through the Garden sweater knitting, then shazam!  The sleeve I’d been churning out was rather, uh, tight when pinned shut and arm was inserted.  As I plan to actually insert my arms into said sleeves upon sweater completion, I felt it best to rip the mother f*ck*r out and begin anew.  This is being knit on size 3 needles, so you know how serious this was.  You try it on and rationalize that if you pulled the sleeves all the way down your hand it would fit perfectly.  I don’t want to wear the sweater all crazy gangsta like that, so voila, we have a modest amount of ribbing to show you today.  I know…just think of my happy place…you know it…Maryland.


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  1. The same thing just happened to me. The sleeve was all done (moss stitch on size 3 needles) and it was like a vice on my arm. It killed me to rip it, but I had to. I now think I have overcompensated and will rip part of it again (now it will be too big!)
    Good luck. Pretty spring colors. I’m sure it will be perfect when complete.

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