It’s a Clapper

Alclapa2The alpaca Claudia and I overdyed before Maryland has begun it’s transformation to a Clapotis scarf.  Alpaca Clapotis is quite a mouthful so I’ll be calling it Alclapa.  There is a reason this pattern is so popular, it’s fun and easy to knit up, and done in the soft and yummy alpaca is a brilliant stroke on my part.

In honor of Memorial Day, the news did a story about the fate of pets left behind when their soldier owners ship out overseas and don’t have anyone to care for the animals.  They mentioned an organization that helps find foster homes for pets while the servicepeople are away.  It’s the Military Pets Foster Program and it looks like a great idea.  Anyone familiar with this one?


Reuse Recycle

Green1I made a pretty cotton blend sweater out of Phildar Plaisance ages ago.  It has ruched panels front and back and it turns out that adding volume around the waist is not flattering.  Because of this little snafu, I’ve not Sleeve_goneworn this nice little sweater.  That’s a shame, no?

Well after partaking of a sake bomb last night (only one though) I came home and decided the moment had come to start ripping this guy out.  It was one oPhildarf those "I love you, but I’m not IN love with you" moments.  Yeah, the sake helped.

But what does this pile o’ French yarn want to be?  How about this little number from Phildar Tendences Printemps 05.  It’s called Jeu de Cotes Placees, no. 22.  What that means (beyond the number 22-obviously) is beyond my dictionary, but I know cute when I see it.  So fire up the sake and say bye bye to ruching.


Turquoise Why is this ball of turquoise sock yarn in my hand?  Wasn’t I trying to finish a pair of socks before starting on some new ones?  (While this may be standard operating procedure to most folks, this is reeeaaallly difficult for me.)  1Well psych!  Red socks are done and hopping about the house.  I even attempted to make the stripes match for those anal retentives in the crowd.  Now what to do with that turquoise yarn?  I see my sister has deviated from the norm and forgone the picot edge and is working a rib…hmmm…is it time for a sisterly ME TOO!?

As an aside, why can I only make it through Extreme Makeover Home Edition for three minutes before reaching for the kleenex?

Finish Anything

One_sockI’ve reached the point in my plethora of knitting projects, where I need to finish ANYTHING.  I needed that little bump of encouragement, since I’ve got quite a few projects going right now.  I had this sock on my fave bamboo sock needles (size 0 for all you loosies–Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fantasy #4790), except this sock had been bundled and bustled so many times, two of the sock needles had been pulled out.  I bravely picked up all those dropped stitches and finished this ONE sock.

Tess_sockNow I KNOW I need to make ANOTHER sock, but look what’s waiting for me and my now empty sock needles?  Yes, it’s Tess sock yarn fresh from Maryland in gorgeous turquoise!  Carolyn and Alice were knitting with this stuff right under my covetous nose, so I marched to their booth the next day and picked some right up.  I do plan to virtuously wait until I finish up the second red sock, but you never know.

Now for the most important part of this blog entry.  My sister and her hubby have signed up for a 2 DAY 175 MILE BIKE RIDE to raise money to fight MS!  Go click on the link on her sidebar DONATE!  She’s even got random prizes to entice you further.  GO NOW!  And for heaven’s sake, someone make her a cute button for this endeavor!

Don’t Drink and Dye

Yarnjugs1_1 What the hell does that title mean you ask?  Well I bought this nice skein of natural colored alpaca at New York Sheep and Wool last fall thinking it would make a nice Clapotis for me.  I mean alpaca is a very warm fiber but I live in California where the lacy effect of Clapotis would mitigate the fiber’s warmth.  Yeah yeah yeah but what’s with the margaritas?

Margarita_green I brought this skein with me to the Dye Central Station at my sister’s house before Maryland.  I didn’t really think brown was me.  Claudia has a very nice dye setup and is quite experienced with the process.  Me, not so much unless you’re talking about hair.  I looked through some colors and picked out a nice medium green/yellow.  The dye formula was 90% gold, 10% turquoise.  Check, got it, let’s do it.  We didn’t write that down even though Claudia is borderline special needs in the math department (she’ll tell you), we can remember such a simple formula.  Uh, this is the margarita part.  It was Cinco de Mayo and we were celebrating with a pitcher of Silvia’s famous frozen margaritas.  Can you see where this is heading?  Claudia is a liquor lightweight and had been sipping her margarita while mixing up the dye solution.  Well mixing up the dye solution is right baby, yup she went with 90% turquoise and 10% gold.  Ass backwards.  So when you look at those turquoise ties on the skein you will see what color the yarn was dyeing.  Yup, 80s bridesmaid turquoise.

I’ve done my bridesmaid time, so I pleaded with her to fix it.  We "determined" the formula was backwards and we needed more gold.  Claudia glopped some in and we got a nice khaki color aka margarita green.  Crikey, I need a drink after all that.

Good Maryland

I’ve managed to finally put together my photo album for Maryland 2005.  You can find a link to it on my sidebar.  I rather inexplicably managed to take only seven pictures over the course of two days.  Should you want to see a few more pix take a look Claudia‘s or Lara‘s.  They were rather more competent than me.  I’m a westward ho today!

I HATE Sleeves

BadsleeveMy sleeves hate me.  Well at least one does, yeah, the same one I’ve already knit and ripped out.  As I began decreasing for the sleeve cap just now, I realized that I don’t have enough yarn for TWO sleeves that are long and have ribbing.  I confirmed this on my sister’s dye scale (aka the drug dealer’s scale).  My incomplete sleeve already weighed more than the amount of yarn I have remaining, and even I could figure out that the math wasn’t working.  AND no, I can’t get more of this yarn.  Crap.

I will now rip out the hated sleeve AGAIN and will have two balls of yarn weighing the same which will theoretically produce two plain narrow 3/4 sleeves.  I’m in two minds whether to knit them from the top down or provisionally cast on and add on later if I have yarn.  Either way I hate them and they know it.

Eastward Ho!

Tn_airplane303 I’m now an eastward ho…okay, I’ve arrived safely in Boston today to hang out with my sistah before heading down to Maryland on Friday.  Let’s all break into the sheep and wool song…

I also see that Spirit Trail Fiberworks will be a last minute replacement vendor!  YEAH!  I’ve wanted to get more of their gorgeous sock yarn that I’d scooped up at NYS&W and I’d hate for them to have to drag any stock home again on Sunday.  Yes, I am too kind.