I HATE Sleeves

BadsleeveMy sleeves hate me.  Well at least one does, yeah, the same one I’ve already knit and ripped out.  As I began decreasing for the sleeve cap just now, I realized that I don’t have enough yarn for TWO sleeves that are long and have ribbing.  I confirmed this on my sister’s dye scale (aka the drug dealer’s scale).  My incomplete sleeve already weighed more than the amount of yarn I have remaining, and even I could figure out that the math wasn’t working.  AND no, I can’t get more of this yarn.  Crap.

I will now rip out the hated sleeve AGAIN and will have two balls of yarn weighing the same which will theoretically produce two plain narrow 3/4 sleeves.  I’m in two minds whether to knit them from the top down or provisionally cast on and add on later if I have yarn.  Either way I hate them and they know it.


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  1. I’m still awaiting the story of the 5/6ths sleeves. I think you have something there that you could market! It was so great to see you this weekend, and I miss you already….:-(

  2. did anyone get pictures of me from maryland that do not show my fucking fat face turning into a double chin? did you finish the sleeves yet? and dye them? tell me more please.

  3. The sleeves – that’s hard. Hate that kind of thing.
    Now. Would a stripe be so bad? A ribbed cuff in a coordinating color?

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