Good Maryland

I’ve managed to finally put together my photo album for Maryland 2005.  You can find a link to it on my sidebar.  I rather inexplicably managed to take only seven pictures over the course of two days.  Should you want to see a few more pix take a look Claudia‘s or Lara‘s.  They were rather more competent than me.  I’m a westward ho today!


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  1. finally a picture of me with no double chin. you must be a magician. these others are killing me. apparently my camera was in my bag the whole time. who knew? you looked gorgeous, the pic lara has of you and claudia is a total glamour shot.

  2. You DID look super cute Saturday!!! I’m going to post a whole photo gallery tomorrow, as soon as I can figure my software out 🙂

  3. hey lady, it was great seeing you again!
    Carolyn and I always seem to be standing in front of a food vendor. “Hey, there’s us in front of the funnel cake lady!” “And the maryland lamb vendor!” I’m sensing a tradition.

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