Don’t Drink and Dye

Yarnjugs1_1 What the hell does that title mean you ask?  Well I bought this nice skein of natural colored alpaca at New York Sheep and Wool last fall thinking it would make a nice Clapotis for me.  I mean alpaca is a very warm fiber but I live in California where the lacy effect of Clapotis would mitigate the fiber’s warmth.  Yeah yeah yeah but what’s with the margaritas?

Margarita_green I brought this skein with me to the Dye Central Station at my sister’s house before Maryland.  I didn’t really think brown was me.  Claudia has a very nice dye setup and is quite experienced with the process.  Me, not so much unless you’re talking about hair.  I looked through some colors and picked out a nice medium green/yellow.  The dye formula was 90% gold, 10% turquoise.  Check, got it, let’s do it.  We didn’t write that down even though Claudia is borderline special needs in the math department (she’ll tell you), we can remember such a simple formula.  Uh, this is the margarita part.  It was Cinco de Mayo and we were celebrating with a pitcher of Silvia’s famous frozen margaritas.  Can you see where this is heading?  Claudia is a liquor lightweight and had been sipping her margarita while mixing up the dye solution.  Well mixing up the dye solution is right baby, yup she went with 90% turquoise and 10% gold.  Ass backwards.  So when you look at those turquoise ties on the skein you will see what color the yarn was dyeing.  Yup, 80s bridesmaid turquoise.

I’ve done my bridesmaid time, so I pleaded with her to fix it.  We "determined" the formula was backwards and we needed more gold.  Claudia glopped some in and we got a nice khaki color aka margarita green.  Crikey, I need a drink after all that.


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  1. I am a liquor feather-weight … one beer can already make me laugh foolishly and do silly stuff. I can fully sympathize with claudia! But the final khaki colour is really good!

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