Finish Anything

One_sockI’ve reached the point in my plethora of knitting projects, where I need to finish ANYTHING.  I needed that little bump of encouragement, since I’ve got quite a few projects going right now.  I had this sock on my fave bamboo sock needles (size 0 for all you loosies–Lana Grossa Meilenweit Fantasy #4790), except this sock had been bundled and bustled so many times, two of the sock needles had been pulled out.  I bravely picked up all those dropped stitches and finished this ONE sock.

Tess_sockNow I KNOW I need to make ANOTHER sock, but look what’s waiting for me and my now empty sock needles?  Yes, it’s Tess sock yarn fresh from Maryland in gorgeous turquoise!  Carolyn and Alice were knitting with this stuff right under my covetous nose, so I marched to their booth the next day and picked some right up.  I do plan to virtuously wait until I finish up the second red sock, but you never know.

Now for the most important part of this blog entry.  My sister and her hubby have signed up for a 2 DAY 175 MILE BIKE RIDE to raise money to fight MS!  Go click on the link on her sidebar DONATE!  She’s even got random prizes to entice you further.  GO NOW!  And for heaven’s sake, someone make her a cute button for this endeavor!