Reuse Recycle

Green1I made a pretty cotton blend sweater out of Phildar Plaisance ages ago.  It has ruched panels front and back and it turns out that adding volume around the waist is not flattering.  Because of this little snafu, I’ve not Sleeve_goneworn this nice little sweater.  That’s a shame, no?

Well after partaking of a sake bomb last night (only one though) I came home and decided the moment had come to start ripping this guy out.  It was one oPhildarf those "I love you, but I’m not IN love with you" moments.  Yeah, the sake helped.

But what does this pile o’ French yarn want to be?  How about this little number from Phildar Tendences Printemps 05.  It’s called Jeu de Cotes Placees, no. 22.  What that means (beyond the number 22-obviously) is beyond my dictionary, but I know cute when I see it.  So fire up the sake and say bye bye to ruching.