It’s a Clapper

Alclapa2The alpaca Claudia and I overdyed before Maryland has begun it’s transformation to a Clapotis scarf.  Alpaca Clapotis is quite a mouthful so I’ll be calling it Alclapa.  There is a reason this pattern is so popular, it’s fun and easy to knit up, and done in the soft and yummy alpaca is a brilliant stroke on my part.

In honor of Memorial Day, the news did a story about the fate of pets left behind when their soldier owners ship out overseas and don’t have anyone to care for the animals.  They mentioned an organization that helps find foster homes for pets while the servicepeople are away.  It’s the Military Pets Foster Program and it looks like a great idea.  Anyone familiar with this one?


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  1. Now, there’s a clap I could get into! I prefer the solids, and alpaca, yum! Haven’t heard of the pets program. Sounds like a worthwhile idea, though.

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