Shine on

Skirt_plz I had a total bonehead incident yesterday.  I am trying to make the denim skirt you see in that picture and have dutifully traced off the Burda pattern, added the seam allowances and cut out the cute flowery  denim you see yonder.  I’m sewing like mad, and started fitting it to my shapely hips.  I get the fit how I want it and figure oBad_skirtut that I’ve not yet attached the yoke and waistband and have just fit the skirt’s hip to my waist.  Uh…what.  Yeah, I was missing a whole piece of this puzzle and never noticed until I’d CUT OFF the excess fabric.  DUH!Shine_on

To help remedy this moronic moment, I purchased the shiniest faux stretchy rayon "denim" (or should I say denimique) and resurrected the knitting on the shiny Phildar sweater to make one big shiny outfit.  If I’m going to be a bonehead, I may as well go big…


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  1. Hey, might as well go for the whole hog. Had my share of moronic sewing mistakes! Who knows this bonehead moment just might work out!

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