Shiny Shiny

Disco_skirt2The finishing drought is over!  Ironically since this finishing has occurred, it’s been raining in northern California since this afternoon, we’ve had three earthquakes in four days and the local evening news brought the crazy housing market home for those of us non homeowners by show ing a 2 bedroom/1 bath house in San Francisco that went for Disco_skirt3 $250K OVER asking and they had 4 such bids lined up.  Uh, yeah…is my finishing a shiny faux denim skirt the next sign of the Apocalypse?  Or is the next sign that MTV reality show of Britney Spears and her silly life?  Well we’ll hope for the best and hop around on the bed dancing to show the handy stretchiness of poly/rayon/spandex.  It’s like Cirque du Soleil around here.

  • Disco Skirt Pattern Specs:
  • Pattern:  Burda World of Fashion Magazine, 3/2005, Model #126
  • Fabric:  Poly/Rayon/Spandex blend from Joann Fabrics

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  1. Groovy skirt. Thank you for reminding me of Burda! I used to make most of my clothing from their pattern books… back in the early 80s! Yikes! I’ll see if I can dig them up. Keep sewing and gnittin’

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