Shine Just a few short days ago I was lamenting about the dearth of finished items here at Chez Sil, and lo and behold the shiny skirt appeared before mine eyes.  The miraculous happened again and the much anticipated Phildar chenille sweater was finally finished.  The birth was not smooth and quick, but we love her anyway.

If I remember correctly I received this fine yarn for Christmas (after begging and whining) from my enabling sister (is that right?) and downloaded the free pattern from the Phildar website.  I must stop at this point and say Shine_closeI HATE chenille yarn.  It’s hard on my hands and an entire sweater in chenille generally makes you look like a cow.  Yes I know it’s soft like pipe cleaners, but like all the fur shit yarn, it makes you look huge!  Then along comes Phil Chenille No. 5 which is soft and drapey, and they add stripes of Sunset sparkly rayon (excuse me, lurex) string stuff and make a sheer luscious, surprisingly stretchy sweater.  How I hate being proved wrong.

Honestly, the Sunset it a bit of a pain in the keester.  When you cut it it almost completely unravels.  I took to making a knot just before the spot I was going to cut so it would remain intact.  I also found seaming with chenille a nightmare, plus it produces an unattractive lumpen seam.  I decided after one seam to sew it up with the sewing machine.  I used a lengthened, narrowed zig zag stitch (this stitch stretches and won’t pop out when pulled) and sewed it up in no time.  I did manage to sew one of the sleeves in the wrong-side out (I don’t recommend this) and had to search out the seam ripper.  Huge pain, but it came out right after that.  I am a bit worried the Sunset at the seams will rip or shred, but the proof will come in the wearing.

  • Pattern Specs:
  • Pattern:  Phildar Tendences Fall 2004 (don’t know the pattern #)
  • Yarn:  Phil Chenille No. 5 and Phildar Sunset