There’s more than one way…

Shower_time Oh yeah, sure you can buy yarn when you want a new sweater, but it takes a strong stomached woman to rip out a sweater that isn’t worn in order to make one you think will be better. 

Strong stomach here!  Check out that yarn drying on the shower pole.  What is this sacrificed yarn youFront ask?  It’s Phildar Plaisance that once formed the ruched cardigan that I never ever ever wore.  Plaisance is a really nice cotton blend (50/50 cotton and acrylic) yarn, and the color is that yellowy green I adore (Phildar calls it Anis).  Why have it laying around not living Phildarpatt22_425lgup to it’s potential?

Well speaking of potential, what do I have in  mind for this reclaimed yarn?  I was thinking sweater #22 from Phildar Tendances Printemps 2005 (and Knit N Tyme sells a kit for this sweater–in case you don’t have it laying around already).  It seems like a really wearable sweater, and has a nice design detail at the raglan decrease line.  They have little cables on the raglan line to make it pretty.  Aw.  Of course this is just a potential project (though I’ve got the yarn and the pattern), so I won’t be starting this immediately, no siree…


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  1. I love that sweater, but…..I seem to remember you don’t like boatnecks. That color suits me to a t, and I LOVE boatnecks. So you can make it for me. When you’re done, mail it to Norma….147 High ….. Hee

  2. Well the ruched cardigan makes you look like an alien took over your midsection, so I can see why you ripped it. I can’t wait to see its next incarnation.

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