You call that a swatch?

Silk_haulIn my last post, I claimed that you didn’t have to buy yarn, rather you could recycle yarn from sweaters you don’t wear.  Okay, but you knew that I didn’t stop buying new yarn.  Silly, silly knitters.  I had a gift certificate for Artfibers (thanks Claudia) burning a hole in my desk drawer.  Well I had a hair appointment in SF the other day, so I had to spend it (and any more I could scrape up).  No choice at all!  I was going to pass right by.  Artfibers is really one of the nicest yarn stores I’ve ever visited (and trust me, there’sSilk_back been a few).  Their merchandise is unique, you really really really won’t see it anywhere else.  It’s also sumptuous!  Check out my haul.

Apparently Saturday was silk day in my world.  I bought two projects worth of silk yarn.  The soft pink yarn is brushed silk Gypsy and will be a short, fitted pullover with a soft drapey cowl neck.  I was so het up about that stuff I IMMEDIATELY began the sweater, and the back is already done.  Sure it’s big needles, but you know what I’m talking about.  The pattern was Sketch gratis from Artfibers with my yarn purchase.  I swatched, picked the silhouette I wanted, and my measurements and gauge were calculated for the pattern.  How nice to knit with spot on numbers!  I may get spoiled.

The bronze silk skein above is Golden Chai and is 100% tussah silk.  Yum!  I want to make a cardie with that batch, but one sweater at a time.  Hey quit laughing!

And for those wondering about the haircut, it was just a trim with my fave "hair designer", so it’s just fine thank you.


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  1. Oooo… lovely. I love it when you’re so excited about a sweater and it knits up that fast. And I want to go to Artfibers so badly! I think it would be awesome to have a sweater pattern made with my measurements without having to do all those messy maths.

  2. I want to go to Artfibers in the worst way. There’s one problem… I hate going to the city. The place is crowded and parking is such a b$#*%. I suppose I’ll just have to get over it.

  3. Ooooh, you’re gonna get me to go to Artfibers! The pattern looks the a good match for the yarn – and yes, please show us when you finish.
    For all those getting to Artfibers – BART is very close.

  4. Artfibers is a nice store – they’re really nice too. I just finished “One Skein Wonder” in a lovely green Artfibers Ballet microfiber. You picked out some lovely stuff – and you’re fast too! Careful you don’t get repetitive stress!

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